Email automation helps you automatically send emails to your customers, with the PDF invoice attached, when orders are placed, fulfillments are created/updated, or refunds are processed.

To access Email Automation, click on Email Automation (sidebar menu), or Configure automation email (Dashboard):

You can send have access to the below configuration:


  • Invoice: Customize content and time to send customers invoices
  • Packing slip: Customize content and time to send customers packing slips 
  • Refund: Customize content and time to send customers refunds

Click on Edit to customize each:

  1. Enable/disable email automation 
  2. Enable/disable sending automation email to customers
  3. Customize pdf file name. Users can select keywords from (9)
  4. Select time to send email
  5. Select email address to receive responses. By default, it is the store’s email address
  6. Select BCC email addresses
  7. Customize email subject
  8. Customize email content
  9. Display all variables to be used on automation emails. User syntax {{keyword}} to select them:









Select “Save” to save all changes.

Select “Test email” to send email sample to the store’s mailbox.