This guideline gives information about how to verify your store by using your own Google Mail instead of Vify's Web Service.

This article applies to emails using Gmail service. If yours do not, please check the mail host on their service.

On Email configuration, input data as below:

Mail host:

Port: 587 (465 if Encryption is ssl)

User name : (Your email address)

Password: (The 16-digit app password)

Encryption: tls

From name: (Name you want customers to see)

From address: (Address you want customers to see)

- Now go to Account Settings on Gmail, enable LessSecure app access. Here is the link to follow:

Make sure that 2-steps Verification is OFF to do so.

- Next step, enable 2-steps Verification:

- Afterward, go to Security -> App Password

Select app as Other, then input any name you want:

Hit Generate:

Copy this 16-digit password and paste on to the Settings mentioned above on our app.

Hit Test to make a test email.

A popup will appear to let you know if it is successful, or the error message that provide the detailed error.

Simply modify accordingly and try again.