This article applies to emails using Gmail service. If yours do not, please check the mail host on their service.

On Email configuration, input data as below:

Mail host:

Port: 587 (465 if Encryption is ssl)

User name : (Your email address)

Password: (The 16-digit app password)

Encryption: tls

From name: (Name you want customers to see)

From address: (Address you want customers to see)

- Now go to Account Settings on Gmail, enable LessSecure app access. Here is the link to follow:

Make sure that 2-steps Verification is OFF to do so.

- Next step, enable 2-steps Verification:

- Afterward, go to Security -> App Password

Select app as Other, then input any name you want:

Hit Generate:

Copy this 16-digit password and paste on to the Settings mentioned above on our app.

Hit Test to make a test email.

A popup will appear to let you know if it is successful, or the error message that provide the detailed error.

Simply modify accordingly and try again.