Since our app uses data from Shopify to display on the invoices, please kindly check the below settings to make sure that the tax is showing correctly:

1. Have you edited this invoice yet?

Invoices that have been edited on our app will have this Edit icon highlighted:

Please note that once any invoice is edited, it will no longer accept new changes on Shopify, so the tax (or other data) might not be correct accordingly to Shopify itself.

Simply Revert the changes to get newly updated data:

If not, proceed to the next one.

2. Are the tax data the same as shown on Shopify?

Please check an order on Shopify, and see if you see this tax line (or if this tax line shows the same value):

If you do not see this Tax line, it means that your order was not charged with tax. And since tax is not charged on your order, there is no tax data for us to show on the app.

The reason tax was not charge is due to the Tax Configuration on Shopify settings:

Once you successfully re-configure it, please manually create a test order to make sure that tax is charged. Afterward, check that order on our app to see that tax is showing correctly.

Note that the new tax settings will be applied to new orders only, it does not change old orders.

If you think your tax setting is correct, but tax is still not charged on your orders, please reach out to Shopify support and ask for further assistance. This is not something controlled by us, so we are not the correct source of help in this case.

What if I want to change tax on older orders?

On Shopify, there is unfortunately no way to adjust the tax once order is create (that we know of).

We offer the Invoice Edit option (which is available on paid plan), you could check that out if needed.

Simply click on the Edit icon (mentioned on question 1), and manually add/remove/adjust data as you like.

Note: The tax setting (included or excluded) cannot be changed, meaning that we will use that setting when you add tax to your order.

For example: When an order is created (even tax is charged or not), the Tax-include setting is already there.

If you edit that order, you can change the tax value, but it is still included or excluded based on the original setting.